One of the great things about pewter is how little care is required to keep its original finish. Often times it can be a year before you will need to clean it. Here are some tips on cleaning and caring for your pewter to ensure it lasts a lifetime:


  • Dampen a cloth or cotton swab with water
  • Apply a small amount of gentle soap to the cloth or swab
  • Work the two together until you see suds begin to form
  • Rub the cloth or swab carefully over the dirty part of the pewter until you are happy with your item
  • Pewter is a soft metal, so avoid cleaning it with anything abrasive as this may dull its features over time

Other tips:

  • Pewter is safe to wear in the shower, freshwater, and saltwater. Pewter’s chemical composition makes it resistant to corrosion, so salt will not negatively affect it. 

Hemp Cord


  • Make a mixture of warm water and dish soap
  • Dip your fingers into the mixture
  • Roll the cord between your thumb and index finger until you have cleaned the affected area
  • Rinse the cord with clean water and lay it on a towel to dry for a couple of hours.